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Follow Sally Lou on twitter? Check! I am @dinyputri

Visit Sally Lou Blog and leave comment? Check! I left comment at She Wears Short Shorts. I am Riyandini Putri. (The blue shorts is cute!)

Check out Sally Lou Vintage on etsy? Check! My favorite is Rainbow Leather Vaneli Sandals. That is so colorful and cute!

My favorite vintage object is dresses! Especially floral dresses. I got mine from my sister. So, my dress is 80s. I like it very much. Also, a floral skirt that I really adore it since I was child. Well, I get it from my sister too. My sister is 20 years older than me. So, I have many 80s clothes.

Thank you very much to make this giveaway. Beutiful necklace, by the way.


Tweeted about this giveaway? Check! I am (still) @dinyputri



Left a msg on 'she wears short shorts' and the giveaway post.Checked out Sally Lou vintage on etsy and on twitter, my favorite etsy item are the gold high heals! My favorite vintage item is my 1950s glass lamp shade which I inherited from my great grandmother..It used to be in her kitchen and now its in my dining room. I love it :-) Thanks for the chance to win this give away!


Jacqueline Sewell

i left a comment on dear santa( i absolutely loved the pink polka-dot pleated skirt!) and i really liked the 1050's tangerine clip on earrings on the etsy page.

Hmm.. my favorite vintage item...probably either a gold sparkly pair of keds(they were my moms in the 80's/90's) a lovely red dress my sister found thrifting, or my favorite, my brown faux mink stole.

My email is, and my name is Jacqueline( i wish it were jocelyn....sigh)thank you so much for this opportunity, that necklace is so unique, i love it!:)

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